Electrical contractors: Get every wiring job done faster! Maintenance people too!

When it comes to installing receptacles in commercial buildings, there hasn’t been a lot of innovation over the years to speak of. Pull the pigtail, strip it, wire it, work 3-5 minutes and you’re done. Then move on to the next one and repeat—hundreds of more times.

But what if there was a way to take that 3-5 minutes down to about 3-5 seconds?

That’s not a typo. 3-5 seconds.
SNAPConnect® receptacles from Hubbell
If you’re not familiar with SNAPConnect®, it’s an innovation that represents an entire rethink of the installation process. Now, when wiring a new building en masse, instead of pigtails, just install the SNAPConnect® device into the electrical box. In fact, you can leave it wrapped in its protective polybag so that it can stand up to the dust and debris from adjacent sheetrock or drywall installation. You can even confirm the connection with your probe tester right through the bag! Then, when you’re ready, install the switch or receptacle to the device with a simple single push—a satisfying click tells you that the termination is quickly, safely and permanently made.

Then, move on to the next one.

You can literally save three minutes or more per installation. Multiple that by several hundred receptacles in a new building and you can see how you’ll be able to complete a new building job in a fraction of the time as before—and take on more jobs in the same time span.

What’s more, unlike other receptacles on the market, Hubbell SNAPConnect® tails are clear rather than white or gray opaque, making it easier for the inspector to check the terminals at a glance and sign off so that you can be quickly on your way.

Easier upfront—and sets up ease of use for years to come
If you’re an electrical contractor, be sure to let your customers know that you’re not only going to get them up and running faster, but that you have their long term productivity top of mind as well on every job. Going forward, if they should ever have to replace or upgrade a SNAPConnect® receptacle or switch, they can do so in seconds also. Just pull out the old one and click in the new one. There are NO exposed terminals so they don’t even have to turn the power off! Maintenance people are going to love that—and appreciate the contractor’s initial work for years to come.

Lots of SNAPConnect® items to choose from
In the world of snap-in connectors, each supplier’s design is proprietary. Unlike any other supplier, Hubbell offers a diverse selection of SNAPConnect® receptacles that can all go into the same box, all mix and match. These include standard receptacles, ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) receptacles, surge suppression receptacles, USB receptacles, weather resistant receptacles, tamper resistant receptacles, power indication receptacles, isolating ground receptacles and UL-approved hospital grade receptacles. Note: Switches utilize a different connector designed for their specific application. 

So, for example, if you have a wing full of standard SNAPConnect® receptacles, and want to put in all GFCIs, or you want to add some USB capacity to your rooms, or make any other upgrades or changes, it’s as easy as snapping them in. It only takes a couple of seconds and you’re good to go—and like I said, since there’s no exposed live contacts, you don’t even need to inconvenience users or waste time by turning the power off.

So, whether you are an electrical contractor or in charge of ongoing electrical maintenance in a facility of any kind, SNAPConnect® from Hubbell is your ticket to fast, reliable, consistent, terminations—for new rough-ins as well as existing fixtures. To find out more, talk to your Hubbell rep. And do the math together—if you can save three minutes on each receptacle, how much faster can you get your next job done?

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