Healthcare providers: Even in the most challenging of times, Hubbell’s got your back

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems and Hubbell Premise Wiring have been proudly supporting the lifesaving efforts of the men and women of the healthcare community with durable, safe and reliable power and communications devices for more than a century.

While we have long been impressed with the ability of these dedicated professionals to successfully conquer amazing challenges every day, their efforts during the direst of times, through disasters of all kinds, when resources are taxed to their very limits, are truly heroic.

Often, urgent situations demand that they bring their skills to mobile triage centers and healthcare facilities quickly established in ad hoc, nontraditional locations, from repurposed buildings such as dormitories, shopping centers and warehouses to outside in tents set up on hospital grounds, athletic fields, and parking lots—basically anywhere physical space might be reclaimable.

Converting these nontraditional spaces and making them usable, efficient and effective for their life saving mission requires a myriad of supplies and a cadre of skilled, tireless, dedicated healthcare professionals.

But even before any of that can be brought to bear, it takes something else: power, voice, data and multimedia enabling infrastructure that forms the foundation for all other activities, from creating access points for the transfer of testing and records information, to initiating power outlets for ventilators and monitors, to establishing USB infrastructure for everything from phones to laptops.

Supporting your Mission is our Mission


That’s where Hubbell comes in. Our job is to provide a broad variety of devices that can help effectively establish infrastructure in any environment, indoor or outdoor, with quickly deployable temporary power equipment, temporary lighting equipment, receptacles, plugs, connectors, industrial enclosures, watertight wiring devices, dual power/USB charging devices, robust multi-unit USB charging stations, hospital grade outdoor cable, wireless infrastructure equipment, surge protection plug strips, portable GFCIs and much more.

As always, Hubbell products are continuing to support efforts in the more traditional healthcare spaces too. When patient management and maintenance resources are being taxed to their limits, retrofitting, replacing or repairing power and communications devices must be able to be done as quickly and effectively as possible—and once installed, they must stand up to the rigors of the hospital environment so that they keep on working. Toward those ends, there’s Hubbell’s innovative SNAPConnect® device line, which allows maintenance people to eliminate pigtails and wiring time and install new receptacles in, literally, seconds. In addition, Hubbell has pioneered the “hospital grade” product category with devices that stand up to impacts and heavy use, not to mention corrosive cleaning and sterilizing agents, with nickel-coated contacts and other innovations that help ensure long lasting reliability in power delivery everywhere from the patient’s room to the operating room.

These are just a few of the tools that Hubbell provides that can help our healthcare partners do their jobs more productively, so that they can focus fully on patients, without having to worry about downtime, disruptions or disconnections. To see a comprehensive list of items available, take a look at Hubbell’s new Emergency Preparedness Products for Healthcare Guide, one for power devices and one for communications products. It is our hope that they provide some useful and timely information.

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