Convention Center Utility Box Update

To provide public facilities with a single, safe, and efficient solution for bringing multiple utility services to wherever they’re needed in open floorplans, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems offers its Convention Center Utility Boxes. 

Designed to deliver higher-amperage power, data, air, and water services in one box, Hubbell’s Convention Center Utility Boxes efficiently bring these services to occupants in convention centers, campuses, hotels, casinos, exhibit halls, and stadiums. 

To meet specific user requirements, internal components of the utility boxes are custom designed and manufactured. 

With thick box enclosures, compliance with UL 514 scrub-water requirements, heavy-duty covers with two egress doors, and a 32,000-pound load capacity, these utility boxes hold up in even the most demanding of environments. 

Available in painted steel or stainless steel, Convention Center Utility Boxes are suitable for slab on-grade and above-grade applications and are available in three styles: 
    1. Power/data and air/water
    2. Power/data only (power panels not included – they’re custom built and factory wired to project specifications)
    3. Air/water only

“These multi-service boxes have the capacity to deliver power, data, air, and water separately within one box so that air and water utilities don’t interact with electrical services,” says Joe Cretella, senior product manager at Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems. “Each box also features a four-inch pre-pour adjustability and is designed to prevent water, dirt, and debris from entering to ensure 24/7, reliable performance.” 

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