IEC Pin & Sleeve

As the only manufacturer of IEC Pin and Sleeve Devices in North America, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems is excited to announce the redesign of its superior-performing IEC Pin and Sleeve Device – now offering improved durability and increased installation efficiency.A new shrouded arm cover protects the device from damage while internal torque tabs on the locking ring facilitate proper gasket engagement for enhanced environmental protection.

To support faster installation right from the start, the device is ready as soon as it arrives – no need to back out screws to prep for wiring. Instead, cable-end components are shipped in a separate bag. To prevent screwdriver slippage, the IEC Pin and Sleeve Device also features pocketed screws on the same side as the strain relief. Installers no longer have to flip the device back and forth to torque down on the cable.

For better performance in any environment, all devices now have a V0 flammability rating for improved safety. To withstand wet and harsh environments, devices feature UL Witnessed IP69k and UL Type 4X and 12 environmental ratings. In addition, horsepower ratings have been increased on all amperages to broaden the types of applications where these devices can be used.

“This product redesign is an excellent example of the ways in which Hubbell continues to improve the safety, efficiency, and performance of its devices,” says Greg McAleer, product manager at Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems. “The new IEC Pin and Sleeve Device takes the best and makes it better, offering even more new safety, performance, and time-saving features and benefits.”

IEC Pin and Sleeve Devices were designed specifically for use in manufacturing environments, food and beverage, entertainment venues, construction applications, convention centers, data centers, and fast-food environments.