inSIGHT Data Monitoring eLearning Course

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems just released its newest, self-paced eLearning course, which focuses on inSIGHT Data Monitoring Devices. This family of products provides valuable analytics for plant managers, commercial building owners, and data center managers who want to manage facility performance, predict costly downtime, and identify potential process changes.

The inSIGHT Data Monitoring Devices eLearning course introduces users to the concept of data collection and monitoring, covering topics like:

  • How data monitoring works and what types of indicators can be tracked
  • Different devices available within Hubbell’s inSIGHT Data Monitoring product line, including an Ethernet gateway and network, power cables, circuit monitors, and environmental monitors
  • Ideal applications for these devices
  • Benefits of deploying data monitoring solutions

Users also spend time learning about how analytics software integrates into the data monitoring process to provide instant email and/or text alerts when a potential issue arises.

Reinforcement questions throughout the inSIGHT Data Monitoring Devices eLearning course help users focus on and recall what they learn. At the end of the course, a short quiz tests retention and understanding. Upon course completion, users receive a list of valuable resources they can use to select, specify, order, and learn more about inSIGHT Data Monitoring Devices.

“Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems’ smart devices independently communicate about adverse conditions that may predict equipment or process failure,” says Mike Williams, Sr. Product Manager of industrial marketing for Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems. “We want to help our customers learn everything they can about the Hubbell products they work with. This self-guided course reveals the value of obtaining real-time data readings on power usage, current consumption, electrical device temperature, and voltage for troubleshooting.”

Hubbell eLearning courses can be found online at Hubbell University and the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) Learning Center.