Safety Product Solutions

Is your work area HubbellSafe?

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems is excited to introduce an initiative that spotlights products, training and selection to make workplaces safer for employees and equipment. Hubbell products provide the following safety solutions: Wire Management, Motor Control, Cable Protection, Data Monitoring, Watertight, GFCI, Lockout/Tagout and Arc Flash. Hubbell has developed many new tools that help train, demonstrate realistic applications and make product selection easier.

Wiring Device-Kellems has been manufacturing products for over 130 years that make manufacturing facilities, construction sites, hospitals, schools and many other areas safer and more efficient. Whether it is locking devices, GFCI, motor control, pin & sleeve devices, Kellems® grips, hose & cable protection, or temporary power & lighting all make any work area HubbellSafe.

In addition to the many industry leading safety product categories, Wiring Device-Kellems has the marketing and sales tools necessary to effectively train and select product safety solutions that work for end-users.

  • Updated 24-page Safety Product Guide
  • 360-Degree Interactive eTour (New)
  • eLearning Courses (Safety Devices, Circuit-lock Disconnects (New), Switched Pin & Sleeve, GFCI, Watertight Devices)
  • Website Safety Solutions landing page
  • Twist-Lock Selector App
  • Kellems Product Selector App

When you combine industry preferred safety product solutions with best in class guides, brochures, eTours, eLearning courses and Apps along with a dedicated sales team you have the genesis of a successful strategy for solving work place safety concerns. Let Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems demonstrate how we can help you search, learn and select the best products for the most demanding environments.

Let us help you be HubbellSafe!