USB SNAPConnect Fast Charge Receptacle

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems is pleased to announce the new SNAPConnect USB Charger receptacle. SNAPConnect USB with Fast Charge technology allows for communication between the USB device and Fast Charge capable phones to deliver power quickly.

The SNAPConnect USB Charger receptacle combines the installation benefits of the modular SNAPConnect device with the best in class Hubbell USB. SNAPConnect USB receptacles are ideal to compliment high volume projects. The SNAPConnect USB receptacles are installed using the modular connector which gives customers the ability to quickly upgrade technology, when converting an existing SNAPConnect receptacle to a USB charger in a snap!

Hubbell's new USB chargers feature Type A and C USB ports, making this a transitional device between legacy Type A USB and new Type C technology. The Type C port offers up to 9 volts of USB output for Fast Charge. This device will communicate with the phone to provide 5V or 9V, based on the phone make and model. The USB Type A port offers high power 3 amps at 5 volts. The USB ports are capable of charging two tablets simultaneously and are rated for a minimum 10,000 cord insertions and removals to assure good connection and longevity.

The receptacle mounts in any single or two-gang box and is available in black, brown, gray, ivory, light almond and white.

For more information about Hubbell’s SNAPConnect USB Charger Receptacles, contact your Hubbell sales representative or visit