5 Hubbell Product Categories That Increase Workplace Safety

Hubbell is committed to helping end-user customers with electrical safety whether it’s in the workplace, at home, or elsewhere. We work with installers, contractors, electricians, and other service professionals to design our products and devices so that they address the biggest challenges these professionals face.

When you think of Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems, you should think HubbellSafe:

  • GFCI
  • Watertight Devices
  • Locking Devices
  • Motor Control
  • Cord Protection
  • Strain Relief

Here are some of the top Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems safety solutions we’d like to highlight:


Switched Disconnects
Hubbell offers numerous models of Motor Control devices that can safely disconnect power at any point in a circuit without powering down other equipment and sacrificing productivity. 



Locking Devices
Hubbell Insulgrip® Twist-Lock’s rugged construction features highly engineered materials, roomy wiring chambers, superior strain relief and powerful cord grip designs. 



Pin & Sleeve
Hubbell traditional IEC Pin & Sleeve devices are IP67 and ensure watertight performance while protecting users with a super tough, non-conductive housing and shrouded contact pins.



Cable & Hose Protection
Hubbell offers a variety of hose and cable protection systems that provide a safe ramping system for both pedestrians and vehicles to pass over cables and hoses.



Hubbell 360-Degree Safety eTour
Our virtual safety eTour allows anyone to interactively explore a modern industrial space with our electrical safety devices. You can walk through the space and navigate to different scenes, actively clicking on products to see their purpose within the space.


Each product featured in these spaces falls into one or more families of safety products. Product pages feature descriptions and product SKU numbers to easily access the appropriate product information for a better understanding of their uses for your electrical protection. This online tool is useful to get to know Hubbell safety products more closely.

Read more on the blog about the eTour here

To see electrical safety products based on industry, visit: https://www.hubbell.com/wiringdevice-kellems/en

To learn more about Hubbell products for workplace safety, visit: https://www.hubbell.com/wiringdevice-kellems/en/safety-solutions

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