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Wiring Podcast Episode #1: National Electrical Code Requirements for Patient Care Spaces

Benny Thomas, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems' Product Manager responsible for Hospital Grade Straight Blade Receptacles, discusses the changes in NEC Article 517 - Requirements for Patient Care Spaces and the solutions Hubbell offers to meet those requirements.


Plug Into The Latest In Kitchen (And Workstation) Convenience

I think as homeowners we’ve all noticed this problem: We have more and more kitchen appliances and electronic devices to enjoy, but fewer and fewer


Top 10 Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Product Solutions for Installation Efficiency

Space-design, job-site challenges, and wiring systems are constantly changing. We can help make the most of the newest innovations so you can focus on


Hubbell's SystemOne 10" Fire-Rated Poke-Through Offers the Most Capacity for Power, Data, & AV Connections

The Hubbell SystemOne 10” Fire-Rated Poke-Through (FRPT) offers the most capacity and dynamic versatility for every phase of the construction


Transparent Casing Provides Visual LED Status Indicators on New Watertight Wiring Devices

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems announces a new line of Watertight Wiring Condition Plugs and Connectors, with high-performance features that


See How Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Can Efficiently Deliver Power, Data, and AV with our Installation Efficiency eTour

The Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Installation Efficiency eTour,  gives users a 360-degree experience through 10 different facilities and spaces where


IEC Pin & Sleeve Redesign Improves Durability & Increases Installation Efficiency

As the only manufacturer of IEC Pin and Sleeve Devices in North America, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems is excited to announce the redesign of